Mark van Kessel

Software Architect

Mark is a software engineer and architect with broad experience in different projects. He likes to help customers with their difficult software and Cloud problems, and likes to dive into new techniques.

He started as an embedded software engineer, and has since shifted his attention to Java-based server applications and has immersed himself in everything to do with Cloud. In addition to mastering his skills, he also enjoys taking people along and transferring his knowledge.

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Training: AWS Security

Cloud computing offers unrivaled possibilities with its vast array of services and features allowing an unprecedented speed of development. But using it in the wrong way can lead to serious risks. Hackers, data-leaks, DDoS attacks, bad actors, the internet is...

Date:29 November 2022

Training: AWS Monitoring

With the rise of Devops and the “you build it, you run it” mentality, it is more important than ever for teams to have a thorough understanding of how their applications are running and performing. With the ever-increasing complexity of...

Date:8 December 2022

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